MYN is a sustainable fashion label founded in 2020. The currently first emerging collection is made of 100% Swiss flax (linen).

MYN designs timeless fashion from natural, local materials. The fabrics used are woven by hand in Switzerland.

MYN produces long-lasting, high-quality clothing for customers with high demands on quality and design.

MYN not only sells clothes, but also transparently tells the stories behind them: Stories about the extraction of sustainable raw materials, forgotten handcraft and local value creation.

“I am a teacher for textile and visual design and in addition I am currently studying Fashion Design and Technology at the Schweizerischen Textilfachschule in Zurich. What I like most about MYN is that the fabric is key for the design of the clothes. I am convinced that this is the only way to create long-lasting and sustainable products. Therefore, I founded MYN because I care about the appreciation of clothes and their handcraft.”
Nadja Zürcher, founder