The straight cut blouse RON is elegant and sporty at the same time. There are only 11 pieces of this blouse. The straight cut sleeve can be tightened with the help of a button. The collar is made of one piece and sits loosely on the neck. The precious fabric creases less than machine-made fabrics because of its waffle structure. The blouse is available in plain weave and in white waffle weave. This precious piece is sensual to the eye and the skin!

Fabric: 100% SwissFlax, handwoven in Switzerland

Made in Lucerne, Switzerland

Sleeve length (measured from base of neck): 76cm/78cm
Length (centre front) 45cm/50cm
Chest width: 60cm/66cm
Neckline: 46cm/46cm

– wash at 30 degrees

– do not use bleach
– hang up immediately after washing
– air dry
– do not tumble dry
– Do not dry clean
– iron slightly damp, level 3

This product has been made from natural, sustainable and undyed yarns. The colour and feel of the product may change after each wash.

Quantity: 9/11 pieces

CHF 1,290.00 incl. VAT